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The Site : Pialligo Estate borders the furthest reaches of the Australian Capital Territory. The establishment of a new hub, containing both a new brewery and a distillery, will created traction, bringing in both local and interstate visitors. It would be a new desirable location and potential social venue


The Design Influence: The reach is positioned below ground, to emulate the kind of atmosphere generated by entering an ethnic grandparent’s personal basement distillery. The rich earthy aroma will deepen the connection between maker, product and nature. It offers visitors a unique change in environmental when compared to the structures found on the rest of the site.


The Design: The translucent nature of the internal and external allow the viewer to look through the space to toward the exsiting Pialligo site. As the viewer approaches the entrance, their line of sight narrows, and their path directed by the immediate shift in ceiling height and view of a greater light source. this begins the looping path that will lead them past through the gin distillery process. As they approach the first floor, spacial elements replicate the external, transparent, open feel allowing for a comfortable pause before deciding on gin distilling or the resturant path. the separation between the two areas is inspired by a theatre where the gin distilling be the show and the gin tasting and resturant be the viewers. the journey ends similarly to the entrance transition, by recreating this moment it allows visitors to decompress before continuing to the greater pialligo sight.


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