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'Komorebi’, is a Japanese word that is used to describe the feeling that one gets from walking through the dappled light of trees on a sunny day. The main premise of this design was to ideally create a feeling of komorebi in the viewer as they are guided through a journey of the valley of a rainforest, and. linear paths have been used to displace the viewer through the varying levels of the valley, directing their attention from the rainforest floor all the way through to the canopy and emergent layers. the filtered light falling from these upper layers contribute further natural lines. these help to facilitation the feeling of complete sensory submersion within a temperate-sub temperate rainforest. active heating systems have been integrated into the design in order to further and regulate the temperature of the rainforest. this is particularly relevant for another underlying element of the design, namely the creation of a rainforest inside a rainforest. through the establishment of passive systems, the outer forest frames the inner forest. this key feature of the design enables inside spaces to become outside spaced.

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