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This project sparked from investigation about the lack of accessible egress on site and had me question how vast the inaccessibility of Warrang’s Townhall stretched. Originally the site lacked any access via egress that was immediately visible, without the use of minimal signage on site that explained how to access each mode to traverse levels and / or the hill.

Through further investigation and long hours collecting data on site, and needing to go to the bathroom, I began to recognise a relationship between the lack of general amenities or comfortable environment to loiter in Warrang’s central public zone. From this conclusion, I propose a new precinct that focuses on radical accessibility, a site that actively prompts the interests of people and reinstate peoples’ rights to their city.
The main two interventions on site that facilitate accessibility, through itselves and through extension, are the ramp and the three fully accessible amenity blocks.

The ramp focuses the pedestrian traffic, it develops accessible egress, between the site down or up the hill and through ground level to the train station. Whilst also promoting valuable wayfinding, through its size and other amenities on the ramp, such as pause spaces, hearing loops, maps and information stands. The ramp by extension also promotes positive microclimates, through biophilic relationships, shade / sunlight and seating.
From the ramps, the amenities are connected, there are three additional amenity hubs, one above ground and two below grounds. These provide, accessible toilets, accessible adult changerooms, accessible showers, lockers and water facilities.

The above ground amenities provide a focal spot that pushes the way finding around the site and into the ramp. At night it becomes the beacon that helps enable the space to safely be inhabited all day long and all year round. Ultimately, this project is about how it is better when we think of everyone to enjoy their city, when we approach public architecture.

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